Wishing Well

Wishing Well, 09/28/2015, Deon Mumple

I’ve tried not to be too covetous,
Admiring who you’ve become,
The ease of your attractiveness,
Hypnotic like a pendulum.
But I dared a prayer and wished for more

My dashed daydreams, my wasted smiles,
Hoping a “we” could become,
Waiting and working through worthless trials,
Wishing now to feel nothing, numb.
If only there were a way to ignore…

Instead I can feel every emptiness,
Slow, worms devour my soul.
I aimed too high, you: a goddess,
Why was your heart my goal?
Why did I choose you, to adore?

Through all, I’ve tried to be supportive
Of all you are and do,
Loving and hating, poorly reflective,
I want to be beautiful, too.
I wish I had never wished before.


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