Oppression and Domination In The Home

I read an article about our pro-male society, bashing the misogynist bastards for all the ways in which women are oppressed.  And I know that happens.  My mum taught me to lead by example, so what I do at home sets that standard for my family.  And when I’m out and about, anyone can see me doing what I do.

What some guys do is set a deplorable example.  What others do never makes the news, because it has to be bad before anyone is going to hear about it.  The media feeds on fuck-ups.  So do comedians, if it’s funny or if some idiot gets his come-uppance.  If a guy so much as tweets something perceived by our modern society as “wrong,” he gets a thrashing in the media.

And yes, I’m doing my part in our misogynist society.  I’m a staunch defender of traditional values.

I’d write more about it, but I’m too busy promoting my old-fashioned ideology in my home:  oppressively washing the dishes, sadistically vacuuming the carpet, tyrannically taking out the trash, maltreating by mowing the grass, ruthlessly laundering the clothes, and forcefully remaining faithful to my wife.  Because I’m that kind of evil.


10 thoughts on “Oppression and Domination In The Home

    1. makes me wonder what the problem was, but glad I put it out there for you. It’s just my thought that guys should do what they can to encourage their significant others and not be above handling the daily chores, housework, cleaning, cooking. I’ve even changed (a lot of) diapers.


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