Wilderness Spirit Quest II

Monday night:  OK, I’m back and the weekend was packed with information.  It was way too much to process.  But it was mostly good.  Now I have a few short weeks to sort it all out and figure out what this means for me.

Tuesday afternoon:  And then I come home and immediately feel all the stress of having to figure out, set, and meet the goals I want to set and meet .  How am I going to do something when I have no idea what it is or even where to start.  And go back to work.

Wednesday afternoon:  Add on top of the stress of working the job, and the disrespect of my family. I wish they gave a shit about me, but I’m a third class passenger and they couldn’t give a rats ass if I fell overboard and died. I wish I could describe it differently, but that’s exactly what it is.  They make me want to quit it all.  It’s like when you go to church and hear a really inspirational message and then through the week you feel the pull of all the negative dragging your soul back to its’ cage somewhere in the darkest pit of hell.  It’s exactly that. Nothing I’ve done matters and I feel like nothing I ever do will.Fuckitol by TpmDesigns

stole this from http://tpmdesigns.deviantart.com/art/Fuckitol-175131603 or pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/66850375691806764/

Clearly I care too much, and I need to stop that.  And clearly my ambitions are too high and I need to stop that too.


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