Wilderness Spirit QuestI

I’m off on what I can only describe as a Spirit Quest for the next few days.  I’m leaving at 04:30 this morning, it’s 12:04 and I’m going to bed.  I’ve needed this “escape” for a long time.  I have a direction to start, but where I’ll end up is anyone’s guess.  And what I’ll learn is anyone’s guess.  And what I’ll decide to do with the information I bring back is anyone’s guess too.

I’m going on a grant,  the whole thing is bought and paid for by the kindness of friends and strangers basically.  Nobody who is paying to send me, and nobody who’ll work with me through the testing reads my blog, so they’ll never read how grateful I am for the opportunity.  Maybe to some of them it’s no big deal, but to me it feels monumental.  I’ll be back Tuesday.  I already miss all of you writers and your wonderful blogs.

I hope to come back as more than I am now.  It’s a time of self-assessment, dreaming out loud and on paper, challenging myself physically, starting and enriching a few friendships I expect,  and goal-setting.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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