A Bad Case of the Friday-Morning-Ugh-lies

It’s Friday and I expected to be “up.”  Surprise.  Apparently that up-tick I had was a little wave and today I have a case of the Friday-Morning-Ugh-lies.  I’ve had the usual morning stress-asthma.  My stomach is doing the Indigestion-Pop-And-Lock, as if I’d had any breakfast.  If I had any, I’d have lost it.  I’ve added a side order of abdominal cramps, and feel sweaty even after the shower.  It’s not particularly hot today either.  Is this Someone’s way of making me pay for two days of relative bliss?  The cramps are subsiding but I still have this Ugh feeling hanging over my head.

Friday.  The day more people thank God than any other day of the week, except maybe Sunday if they go to church.  I think even atheists thank God it’s Friday, and that is fucking hilarious. Somebody out there is thanking a Flying Spaghetti Monster I think, or maybe even thanking nothingness, but it’s just not as smooth off the tongue.  I’m grateful for two nice days, so thank God for those even if my Friday has faltered.  If you don’t believe in God, who do you thank for Friday?  Or any good day?  Don’t thank me, this shit is not my fault.  Or maybe it is.  But I await your comments below.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  And as the day progresses I am feeling slightly better.  But the morning sucked.  I didn’t want to get out of bed, and I wanted to call in sick, but I did the usual- I dragged myself out of the house and forced myself to do the things I have to do because another bill arrived in yesterday’s mail.  So did my entry into the Publisher’s Clearinghouse.  In my high-energy Thursday, I processed that and put it in the mail already.

And just as quick as I had a good two days, today, I’m emotionally flat again.  Or down, it hasn’t settled on a steady feeling yet.  I had this impending sense of dread yesterday afternoon, had a genuinely lovely evening last night, and today it’s here.  I feel ugh-ly.  On Saturday, I’m making waffles, from scratch.  Those instant mixes are ok if you don’t have time or knowledge, but they miss out on, um…  flavor.  Scratch waffles, because someone told me carbs help, so that’s happening.  With some kind of seasonal fruit in a simple syrup, and whipped cream I think. I love to cook, because I’m good at it, and somehow it always helps me feel just a little bit happier, so there’s that too. If I’ve got something to look forward to, at least it isn’t more dread.  And maybe by tomorrow my stomach will be ready for breakfast, and not trying to do modern dance, backflips, and angry Russian Ballet all at the same time.

Oh wait.  I have a guess.  I think athiests “Thank Fuck it’s Friday.”  Am I right?  But what does that even mean?


One thought on “A Bad Case of the Friday-Morning-Ugh-lies

  1. For every couple of day stretch of “okay” or “awesome” I have, I crash for several days into that exhausted numb place. It sucks.
    I actually find the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster less asinine than most organized religion. Their mascot is funny, too.
    As for thank fuck it’s Friday…Perhaps atheists get more sex on weekends so it’s THANK FUCK I’M GONNA GET SOME!
    Or in my case, I just really like the versatility of the word fuck- verb, noun, adjective. Thank fuck it’s Friday, don’t look at me in that tone of voice you dumb fuck, This pizza is fucking awesome.
    I have a very large vocabulary but find that one “naughty” word suffices most of the time.

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