Life’s a Deathsport

Life’s a Deathsport, Deon Mumple, 07/02/2015

I’m stuck between shadows and night,
I’m supposed to embrace the light
Without being given quite enough understanding.
To just jump off the edge of hope,
No safety net, no knotty rope,
Not worried until I approach the landing.

Can you do life, all self assured?
I’m jealous, mine must be endured,
Without the light, I’m embracing the darkness.
It’s dark in here, and I’m not sure,
If hope’s a drug, if there’s no cure,
The doubt’s a hole, a deep, infected abscess.

The dark’s one of few friends I see,
When doubt joins us, it’s a party,
I wonder sometimes if I really matter.
But maybe dark’s lying to me,
And doubt is imaginary,
I’d try to climb if I could find a ladder.

I’d love to understand the light,
I’ve studied it, learning to fight,
I’m in a clinch, losing, embracing darkness.
Life’s kidney punch, blood in my eye,
I’m fading fast.  Fight on?  I’ll try,
But I can’t see.  Is light chasing the darkness?

Can you fight on, sure that you’ll win?
Last shreds of hope worn razor thin,
Life’s a deathsport; I’m losing in the darkness.


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