If You Don’t Feed It, Will It Die?

I heard a pastor once say that human beings have a sin nature, and I believe it.  I’ve chosen little sins, little evils, mostly, my whole life.  I know they were wrong choices.  Fortunately I haven’t seen the consequences of my actions turn out as terribly as they could have, but I know they could have been worse.  Everybody chooses to do things they know are wrong sometimes.  Nobody is sinless all the time.  A morally conscious person might be able to make superior choices most of the time.  A morally dark person might choose to not take the higher road, every time.  What we do becomes habit until we are so used to choosing whatever path it is, we just do that every time and it becomes easier to do it, even if we used to know it was wrong.

This same pastor said once we become Christ – followers, we have a second nature, and we can choose to be like Jesus.  It doesn’t mean we become sinless.  It means we are Christ-followers who do the best we can.  But we are given a new additional nature.  The pastor described the two natures like two different versions of ourselves, fighting for dominance.  Which one wins?  Depends on which one you feed more.

I’m convinced.  If you don’t feed something, it will die.  But in the socially conscious era we’re in, the evil dogs are still getting fed, for reasons I don’t understand.  Is it obvious that women dislike being objectified, and society is trying on its’ own inherently evil initiative to move past mysogyny?  Is it obvious that African Americans and Anglo Americans need to get along and cooperate and help each other succeed, and society is trying, on its’ own inherently evil initiative, to move past racism?  Is it obvious that the world doesn’t like the violence between social groups and wants people to get along?  Is it obvious?  Maybe not.  Women would like to demand that men not objectify them, whites would like blacks to not hate them, blacks would like whites not to hate them, and by and large I think it’s true.  But some people love to stoke the fires of hatred for some reason, so those fires haven’t gone out.  There’s always some idiot saying or doing something stupid for the camera (“look, mom, I’m an idiot!”), that irritates someone else, then it just snowballs.

I pulled up my internet news feed, and I presume it’s representative of any news feed, look at the stories, and I see the following:
social fail
Our top story, “Miley Cyrus Nude.”  Followed by Schwarzenegger fail, with the subline “Love child ‘terrific’.”  Which is it, Governator?  “Fail,” or “Terrific?”  I’m not getting a sense of strong regret here.  Lady Gaga has “Major Wardrobe Malfunction.”  If people want to see these, the news people will keep shoveling the shit our way, because there’s demand.  What if the mysogynists stopped clicking on those links?  But do they really have a choice?

Does the news media really bear their share of the burden of responsibility for the “news” they’re reporting?  It would seem obvious to me that there’s no news worthy of reporting when Miley and Lady Gaga are indecently exposed in public, except perhaps to hear they were arrested for it, or some good samaritan threw a warm blanket on them to keep them from freezing to death.

I think the news feeds should take responsibility and stop shoveling so much shit at their consumers.  A story where an idiot on TV accidentally says something stupid is not “news.”  A story where someone was found in some stage of disrobe is not “news.”  And a story where someone is sorry-but-not-sorry about some shit they did is not “news.”

The domestic and international violence is news, I confess.  I wish it weren’t.  I wish the news media somewhere would call for calm and peace, and the authorities would act in ways that encouraged such peace.  But we thrive on reports of hate, blood, death, violence, and porn, don’t we?  If we’re sick and don’t realize it, yes we do.  And apparently, the news media is only giving us what we want, in all its’ sick, unfiltered gory.  Thanks, news outlets.

But maybe it’s also true that if you don’t feed it, it will die.  I’d like to see what happens  if people stop feeding the evil dogs in the world, and in their souls.


One thought on “If You Don’t Feed It, Will It Die?

  1. Thank you for this brilliant commentary. This exact view of Yahoo News (I signed out and it popped up) annoyed me. I even had a mini rant at a friend’s blog about this particular line up. I was also tempted to do a screen grab and write a post discussing this nonsense. I told my friend that these aren’t people, they’re props. What more can I add? Thank you for noticing this stuff is just crap. x


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