Zeus Takes a Rest.

Zeus Takes A Rest

Flash Fiction  For 


I hope some of my favorites will give this a whirl, you know who you are:

Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it.”© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Photo © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham, used by permission 

“Hephaestus H. Vulcan!” Zeus swore, his voice thundering loud enough to rattle the cosmos, from the rafters of the Elysium Annex, to the foundations of Tartarus.

Vulcan, so summoned, appeared before the King, bowing apologetically.  “Yes, King, I know.  The quality control on your lightning bolts is not up to snuff.  I’ve had a problem with my arm, a little stiffness in my shoulder, and it’s causing the bolts to have a slight curve.  It happens sometimes, you’ll recall my old battle wound, and I have been…”

“By Me, it’s not a damned ‘slight curve,’ it’s a twist!” Zeus interrupted, half raging. “It looks like one of those musical symbols for a silence…”

“A ‘rest,’ your kingship?”

“You would suggest that, wouldn’t you.  Well, maybe you’re right.”  He struggled to calm himself, after all Vulcan was an old friend.  “I’ll just toss one of these down and see if I can at least throw straight.  You take that ‘rest,’ Vulcan, but leave me these bolts and I’ll do the best I can.  Maybe I need a ‘rest’ too.”

2 thoughts on “Zeus Takes a Rest.

  1. So many problems in the world of the gods, take that rest, who wants a curved lightening bolt! 🙂
    Great read! I love the different takes we’ve all gotten from the same prompt! Amazing!


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