Blasphemy 6:9-13

Blasphemy 6:9-13

“Honor Thy Father and Mother…” Exodus 20:12

This one goes to all the kids whose dads really screwed them up: emotional and sexual abusers, sperm donor absentees, etc.  I hope you’ll laugh and then let go of the hurt in the best way you can, trusting they’ll get what’s coming to them.
They will.

Old Farter,
Who art an ass hole,
Thou art an ass hole.
Thy karma come,
Thy mouth doth run
On the phone and also in my brain.
Give me this day some counseling,
And forgive my disrespect,
As I forgive the ways you’ve disrespected me.
And lead me not down your fucked pathways,
But deliver me from bullshit.
Pour wine until I’m numb,
For your glower
Warped my story,
I’m bent.


3 thoughts on “Blasphemy 6:9-13

    1. Thank you for your kind words. And my dad, warped as he may be, is actually pretty awesome. But I only really appreciate him now that I’m older. I know though that some dads are really ugly souls who do really evil things, so this goes to their kids.

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      1. I have a disconnected relationship with my dad (undiagnosed bipolar). We live in different provinces so it doesn’t affect me. I’m happy to hear that you’ve learned to appreciate your father.


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