When Will She Tell Me?

When Will She Tell Me?  5/19/2015, Deon Mumple

When will she tell me if I am the one,
Making her heart flutter passionately?
Am I in school again? That was no fun.
None of the pretty girls I liked ever liked me.

Notes passed between desks confessed my feelings,
They used to giggle or sigh with disgust,
I was so shy, stupid, awkward and moody,
Ignorant, young, wishful, if they would just…

Now the confidence I have doesn’t shake,
I know so much more than I did back then,
They used to call a man like me a “rake.”
Still I doubt.  Will her ardor awaken?

Ever just have all those adolescent school feelings creep up and smack you?  I have that sometimes.  I kind of like it, but at the same time I have the maturity to know nothing will come of them, except I do care deeply for people and without expectation.  Still, I love whom I love, and I do hope, with maturity, that they love me back.


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