Alphabetical Blasphemous Cursing (Adult content, duh!)

Here, then, is another challenge which I shall attempt to rise to meet.

Arse is a beautiful descriptive word
Bitch is another good one
Cunt still makes me cringe, though I know it’s absurd!
Damn is hellish nasty fun

Effin’s a faker and just not as good
Fuck is a million times better
God’s overused, not in prayers or the ‘hood
Hell, we’ll all wish it was wetter

Ish is another fake, just fuck that shit
Judas, but why not say Jesus
Kooch, there’s the finest of fine naughty bits
Lump, an Adventure Time fuss

Merde in the French, look that up for yourself
Nutsack, a scrotum’s just fun
Obscenities, take them off of the shelf
Piss off if you can’t handle one

Queef, I don’t get it and hope never to
Rimjob, also not on my wish list
Smurf, for shits and giggles, did I make you?
Tit, how just elegant, why malign this?

Unicorn Turds, for you wizardly lot
Voldemort’s Nipple, another
Wanker why stop there, is that all you’ve got?
X, a rating, I’ve got nothing, bother!

Yarbles, A Clockwork Orange, get a clue,
Zark off, you Hitchhiker, fuck you!


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