Soul Desire

Soul Desire, 5/18/2015, Deon Mumple

We met in manic merriment, with matching wit and muse,
I loved you at a moment’s gaze, and you picked up the clues,
Too fast, you thought, and hid your heart until I made you laugh.
I flirted and you flirted back, in language lovers use,
And shared our moments, music, tears, delightful paragraphs,
And I did not want the song to ever end.

Confession- that I care too quick, infatuation comes,
I see the soul seated inside, and my heart starts the drums,
I like to think I love as God loves, pure, like holy fire,
“Is it impossible to love like this?” I ask as love blossoms…
“Or blasphemous to read and think I’m hearing heaven’s choir?”
Please, I do not want the song to ever end.

When honest, hopeful, helpful, kind, without hate’s covering,
When open, witty, passionate, though darkness, shadowing,
An innocence of evil, let our sins be overlooked-
The human soul is beautiful, dancing, weeping, laughing,
I saw the flaws, but loved through all, at a glance I was hooked,
And I do not want the song to ever end.

This, at last, is my love poem for my friend who regally writes from her royal throne as queen at


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