Nancy Gordeuk = Saida Grundy

I think it’s right that TNT Academy has removed Nancy Gordeuk.  But is it right for Boston University to not do the same to Saida Grundy?  I await their response.  And I beg them to do the right thing.

Free speech is fine, but that doesn’t mean you can say something in the spirit of free speech and not face the consequences for your words.  Say whatever you believe, but if your words disqualify you from a position, you should be removed.  If a professor, or a principal, or any educator makes remarks denigrating a segment of the student, faculty, or parental population, they are no longer qualified to serve.  That kind of hateful brainwashing has no place in American education, from anyone.

Nancy Gordeuk and Saida Grundy are embers from the same hatred-filled fire that has been trying to burn America for too long.  I say, put them both out.  And then put out the rest of the fire.


2 thoughts on “Nancy Gordeuk = Saida Grundy

  1. If a pastor said something that was contrary to his text’s teaching he’d be fired straightaway. Similarly, teaching a person should be treated as a sacred trust. And apparently this hate-monger has over two thousand twitter followers. Pray she doesn’t call for revolt, and further pray that her followers are merely curious spectators or former students connected out of necessity, not raving radicals. If my children attended that school, I’d enroll them elsewhere and invest that tuition money elsewhere also. I dislike the hateful attitude portrayed by both so-called “educators” and I hope they both can swiftly find gainful employment elsewhere, anywhere else, just in teaching.


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