In The Beginning, Deon

Another blogging challenge handed down from on high, was to write my own creation myth, so here goes:

1:1 In the beginning Deon was easygoing, carefree, innocent and beautiful.  And Deon was powerful and created his world. :2 And thus the world was crafted, in the image of Deon, created he – easygoing, carefree, innocent and beautiful.  :3 And one day as Deon walked, observing all that he had created, he happened to witness a sight, and lo, it was the evening news.  :4 and the creator Deon heard of wars and rape and arson and theft and fraud and other mistreatment of people by other people, and he did not understand. :5 An imbalance, an unfairness, a confusion, and so it was that Deon, in a fit of disappointment, clicked the “off” switch on his remote control, destroying that corner of the world he had created.  :6  He strolled out to his swingset and he did fly.  :7 Feeling the soft, tickling breezes on his face, and the warm sunshine, :8 Hope was restored once more, and Deon returned to his haven for a freshly baked peanut butter cookie and a glass of cold milk.  :9 Turning on the television again, he changed the channel until there was amusing animation, :10 and it came to pass that Elmer Fudd was a terrible shot, which was fortunate for Bugs Bunny.  :11 And in the end, Elmer and “Da Wabbit” made friends and did sing together, a lovely aria, and did ride off together into the sunset.  :12 And the evening and the morning went and came again.

2:1  Deon had not the cognizant skills to realize why certain corners of the world were flawed, nor to question why all were not as innocent and loving as he.  :2  He did not understand what the people were doing, but knew in his heart that they weren’t doing it right, as people were hurting each other and being mean.  3: And the news program’s images hurt the heart of Deon.  :4  And so did Deon select a fresh, clean, crisp piece of paper, and fresh crayons.  :5 He drew an innocent boy crying big, brokenhearted tears, watching a television set showing the world, shattered, in pieces.  :6  Deon the creator showed his mum the picture, and explaining, almost started crying again, :7 and she asked him to draw a happy picture, but she treasured his depth of understanding and saved both pictures for the refrigerator door display case. :8  He desired in his heart that his world should be repaired, and lo, the new picture repaired everything.  :9 His new picture showed a rainbow and sunshine, and smiling people. Both the rainbow and people were made of all sixteen different colors, :10 and behold, all the people were holding hands and being nice to one another.  :11  He drew their faces with smiles but explained that they were all singing their different songs but somehow their music made a perfect mash-up, and everything made sense. :12 And the evening and the morning went and came again.

3:1  Alas, the world Deon had created and dwelt in spun on, no longer controllable or understandable.  :2 The people were deeply selfish, taking for themselves and not sharing.  Thus spake the evening news, and Deon shut it off again.  :3 Deon wanted people to understand, so he drew his happy rainbow picture, eight more times. :4  When the sun rose again, he went to his neighbor’s mailboxes, the eight nearest his home, and did deliver unto them the message of peace.  :5 He did have to explain it to the neighbors, and the explanation was good.  :6 Thus, a movement began.  7: That week, his neighbors each made their own pictures and gave them to neighbors and friends and family.  8: And he created more pictures during the day of his creation, :9 until his crayons needed to be replaced.  :10  And the evening and the morning came again, and this time, as it was Deon’s birthday, he opened a small package and lo, there were sixteen crayons in a box, :11 And Deon was happy, and did consume chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream and a big glass of milk.  :12 and blowing out his six candles, he wished for all to share and be happy.


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