Broken (Fiction)

Broken (Fiction), 5/6/2015, Deon Mumple

She wrote a letter to the world, and didn’t sign her name.
I found the letter, yellowed, curled. She shared her secret dreams.
I saw her hopes, her fragile heart, shattered. I feel the same.
She only wanted a new start, safe, kept from peoples’ schemes.
She wished, as I did, for a life where happy endings came.

I cried as I read her sad tale, my heart resonated,
A story where she’d try, and fail; she’d give, hope to receive,
The takers only took and took, and left while she waited,
Her story read like my life’s book, where others just deceived,
I loved her, her pain like a knife, when she hurt, I hated.

“When you left me, I was broken, then, all I felt was shame.
Was it my fault? I wondered, when had I done something wrong?
I tried to understand the rules, as if love was a game.
I lived for you!  I still love you! My soul is your love song.”
She wrote her love, then took her life, and didn’t sign her name.


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