My friend says I should unmask, be more transparent, be more honest in my writing and with my audience.  I say, FUCK, NO!

Would you reveal who you were, Lone Ranger?  Would you reveal you were Superman, Clark Kent?  Would you reveal you were Wonder Woman, Diana Prince?  Would you reveal you were Batman, Bruce Wayne?  Oh, shit.  Nevermind the last one.   And stupid Iron Man too.  WTF is wrong with the world, and my friend, asking me, along with these superheroes, to do that?

My mask is to protect me from ass holes, and gives me the liberty to say and do what needs to be said and done, without taking any head-puffing pride in myself.  I don’t want to be arrogant about anything.  I’m the same as anyone else. The truth needs to be said, but sometimes, like with these fucking Texas terrorists, there’s a point at which even the truth needs a bullet proof glass partition and a para-aramid synthetic fiber vest.

Parenthetic:  If a certain god was the real God he could protect himself from those who would bring shame upon him by caricaturing his image, or the image of his prophet, each shall be nameless since any god who isn’t the real God shouldn’t be followed.  The real God has no need of such protections, it’s clear He knows who wins in the end and those who he doesn’t like will be really, royally fucked in the end of it all.  Have you read the book of Revelation lately?

I AM Deon Mumple.  And that’s all you need to fucking know.



3 thoughts on “UnMask?

  1. Interesting post. I happen to enjoy being open and transparent online. However I contribute less than most. I let people see what I want them to. It’s not as personal as the people who eat and sleep with me. These things are sacred and kept in reality in my opinion.

    On the other anonymity is a great tool, as you explained. It’s bullet proof in the digital realm.

    As a person who lived in Houston half his life I have to say that’s really damn fucked of those guys who went shooting the place up. I will say Houston the blue heart of Texas, but still Texas. I do miss the openness of people, but I don’t miss conservative stubbornness.

    Again Great Post.


  2. Monotheism has a lot to answer for. I have one thing to say to anyone who decides to blow up, maim, stone or throw off buildings in the name of a deity…”My Imaginary Best Friend is better than Yours, Arsehole!”.

    In real life I am Black Widow, but don’t go telling everyone!

    Loved the post.


  3. Hot Damn! Black Widow? Your secret is safe with me. I think I’d like to be your imaginary best friend. I shall begin pretending…now! Let’s go on a picnic! I’ll get some chicken, french bread, a sharp cheddar cheese, a nice dry-but-fruity white wine… It’s a good thing this is pretend, or my wife might get jealous. Come to think of it, maybe she and I should go on a real picnic…


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