Just Scared All Six of my “Followers” Off

A careful read-through of my last post just scared off all six of my followers so I’m safe again, I can write whatever the hell I want.  Whew, back to the safety of my secret bunker. In real life I really am all the things I said, lies, vodka, fireballs and lightning bolts included, so I understand completely.  I’ll leave whether I really like a given writer in the guessing area, but if I follow a blog chances are good I might really like the writing.  So, for all the blogs I’m following I hope they keep going.  And as far as my profession goes, truth is the only thing I want to do is write, and I’m doing what I need to do to make a buck and writing in my spare time just like almost everyone else here.  I’m honing my craft and the other writers are too, if anyone happens to run across my blog just keep writing and know that the more practice you do, the better you’ll get, just like on a trumpet or a violin or a piano.

I haven’t kept track of my old school chums, they’re probably dead.  I’m talking about all the ones who said they’d pray for me, it’s clear they either forgot or someone isn’t listening.  I’ve been out of school a long time and I’m not working in any of the professions I trained for.  So I just said, “fuck it, I’m going to just do what I need to do” and then a few years down the road I thought I might try writing.  I’d guess the verbiage is the reason those straight-laced conservatives didn’t hire me for either trained profession- teaching or that other profession.  I’d probably curdle their milk, and who likes fucking cheese curds in their corn flakes?  Or make them die of heart attacks; I guess they’d have found out whether what they believed was true or not a lot quicker.

Have a great Saturday, if you’re reading this on Saturday.  I’m going fishing again.


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