Love For Sale?

I’ve written lots of poetry.  I’m pretty good at it.
In poetry I’ve only sworn two times, and that’s no shit.
Well, three times now, if you count that. It’s normally on love,
With cotton candy, fluffy pink, sunsets, puppies, white doves.
Or, pick your favorite images, romantic thoughts I think,
Sometimes I’ve even written true unspoken, secret things.
I read about a guy who’s selling all his love for free,
But frankly, ladies, I’m married, and I need the money.

I think I could write something on the reasons I love you,
And trust me, love, I do love you; every word would be true.
I’d celebrate your beauty, your intelligence, your charms,
And tell you how I’d feel the happiest within your arms,
The places just the two of us could escape from the world,
The way I love your little quirky laugh, like ice cream, swirled.
We could escape just by looking deep in each others eyes,
And I’d sell you my poetry, and let you set the price.

If I were to try that, I might get rich selling, I bet,
My customers, all lovely women whom I’ve never met.

~Deon Mumple, March 26, 2015


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