Go Home.

I hate cliches and catch phrases, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

I cannot believe what is happening in America.  We are becoming more and more lawless every day.  Ferguson Missouri is a flashpoint for stupidity.  I am not interested in a race riot, or a race war, here in the United States.  I want us to get along with each other and be friends.  Why, in the 21st Century, is this even an issue?  Why are sociopathic idiots free to roam the streets?

It’s a setup for martial law under the command of the U.S. Army National Guard, and strictly enforced curfews.  Do we really want to live in THAT country?

To the protesters:  You’re getting part of what you want.  The only thing you aren’t getting is blood for blood, and you can’t prove a case of executive or judicial prejudice because, admit it, you weren’t there.  The police officers are resigning left and right, dropping off the force that swore to serve and protect you.  Maybe some of them felt guilty, so they quit.  Maybe they felt afraid of you lawless lynch mobs.  Admit it.  Now that two policemen have been shot in cold blood, that is what you are:  a lynch mob.  Thank God they are expected to survive what you brutal beasts did to them, you fucking animals!  So after the police who have been trained resign, because they don’t feel able to protect and serve and still go home to their families, you’re still rioting in the streets demanding blood.  Some of you have decided that if you can’t get the blood you want, any blood is good.  So you’ve shot and tried to kill two innocent people in exchange for one man who may or may not be guilty, but who was tried and found not.  Now go home and wait for the friendly remaining officers to knock on your door because they figured out it was your gun that was used in the attempted murder the two cops in cold blood, and they figure you pulled the trigger.  When they come, please surrender peacefully or expect consequences.  You’ll probably get off light, because they didn’t die.

We still live in a civilization governed by law.  If you don’t abide by those laws, expect consequences.  To the attempted murderer or attempted murderers:  I hope they catch you, and quickly.  The men you shot and tried to kill were only symbols to you, but they didn’t get to go home to their families after your little party, and you did.  They weren’t guilty of anything except showing up for work, and for that you tried to execute them.  You didn’t even know who they were.  I hope they lock you up so you don’t get to go home to your families, ever again, sometime very, very soon.

I do not want lawless mobs running the streets at night.  If you are unlawfully assembled, I want you sent home or locked up.  I would prefer that you go home.  I do not want destruction of property, looting, burning or any other kind of chaos.  Since the other policemen are resigning, maybe all you protesters should go sign up, get recruited and trained to serve and protect, and show us how to do it the right way.  Or are you afraid of a little friendly protest party?  If you’re afraid of your own party, I think my suggestion should be implemented:

Go Home.


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