If This Isn’t A Hate Crime…

I’m just angry about this.  I know what I said in my last post, but F-U-C-K!!  I’m just ANGRY!  There are trashy people in the world.  There are selfish people in this world.  And there are trashy selfish people with a false sense of entitlement and self-importance in this world.

Read it for yourself and then see if I’m wrong.  I’m the last person who should shame someone for being fat, but Kezia Perkins needs to check her privilege AND her FATTITUDE at the door of the world before she’s let back in.  She doesn’t play well with others, at all.

She’s retained a lawyer somehow, who for reasons I will never understand, took the case to defend this woman.  If the civilized members of society prevail, Ms. Perkins will be in jail for a long time.  If the case is handled correctly Ms. Perkins will be charged with more than simple assault.  This was a hate crime.  The victim was 71 years old, and the perpetrator was 32.  With her illegal, stolen handicap tags, and her invalid drivers license, Ms. Perkins wanted not only to drive, but also to park in the handicap reserved spot the victim legally drove into.  And in her sense of puffed-up, egotistical, selfish entitlement, she then proceeded to assault a frail 71 year old who was genuinely handicapped, because it appears Ms. Perkins wasn’t all that handicapped after all.

The lawyer retained by Ms. Perkins, Mr. Cole J. White, stated “We maintain Ms. Perkins’ innocence relating to the charges.  This was an unfortunate accident that came about after a misunderstanding between two individuals.  Ms. Perkins is, herself, disabled, however the fact that her disability is not immediately noticeable led to confusion between the two women.”

“Confusion,” my fat ass!!  The lawyer is speaking on behalf of his client, who is clearly full of shit.  Farbeit from me to accuse the lawyer, an educated professional, of being full of shit.  I would never think that.  Ms. Perkins claimed the confusion, the misunderstanding, and her lawyer is speaking her words on her behalf in a legal-ese language.  And I understand.  As her spokesman, he tells her side of the story.

The disability should be apparent from the video surveillance cameras in the parking lot.  The cameras clearly show that Ms. Perkins confronted the victim in her car for stealing a handicap spot that Ms. Perkins had been waiting patiently for.  I’m certain Ms. Perkins asked the victim, in as kind and gentle words as she knew, to kindly move her car so that Ms. Perkins could move her own car and occupy the parking spot.  When the victim declined and got out, Ms. Perkins attempted to assist the victim back into her car so she could move it, and accidentally broke the victim’s femur and her hip replacement by accidentally bumping into her with her chest, whereupon the victim’s hip and femur were broken by the evil concrete pavement.  Ms. Perkins certainly has no culpability here.  From the interview statement, she clearly had no feelings of guilt or personal responsibility about the event.

Hopefully this “misunderstanding” will be clarified in court.  Ms. Perkins misunderstood that to park in a handicap spot, one must have legally obtained handicap permits on display.  Ms. Perkins further misunderstood that to legally drive, one must have a valid, legally obtained drivers license.  And Ms. Perkins misunderstood that conflict resolution is not best obtained by bumping people with your chest.

I wouldn’t pull the race card except for the ferocity of the crime.  I think it could probably be proven that Ms. Perkins does hate white folks.  But unfortunately that would require that witnesses to the assault, and her prior behavior and conversations, demonstrate her dislike for whitey.  There might be a social media post or two about that on Ms. Perkins’ account.  I hope the victim’s lawyer takes the time to do some research and is successful in charging Ms. Perkins with a hate crime.  It might keep her away from civilized people for a longer period of time.


One thought on “If This Isn’t A Hate Crime…

  1. Oh, I just heard about this case, and couldn’t believe it. I’d say more, but I’m at a loss for words. All I can do is shake my head.


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