Stop, I’m Trying to Help You

In the newspaper on Sunday, I read about a girl’s basketball game that ended in an all-out brawl.  Relax, it wasn’t the girls who were fighting.  It was their idiot parents.  With grim foreboding I remind the readers that the apple doesn’t fall very far from its’ tree.  I’m only warning the rest of the world these ass holes had kids who will probably become ass holes just like their parents because…well I already said it, they learn from those idiots.  Just fuck the world, I want to get off.  This is stupid.  These people are idiots and I wonder if they should have been allowed to have children.  Who the hell is so competitive they start a fight in the stands when their children are watching?  Is this the kind of example you want to set for your kids?
Hi Kids,

We’re your parents and we are psychotic and prone to outbreaks of rage and lack of personal control.  You children are going to grow up to act just like us, so get ready for it.  It’s not your fault.  You learned it from us.  But if you do what we did, you’re going to get arrested.  Tell your lawyer it was our fault.  We are ass holes.

Your Idiot Parents


And if the kids are reading my blog, I’m sorry.  You don’t have to grow up to be ass holes like your parents.  You didn’t know any better, you never learned any better, so I genuinely hope you don’t.  Get therapy and learn different coping mechanisms for your anger and stress and frustration than your parents though, because life, like sporting events, sometimes doesn’t go as you want it to go and you need to be able to deal with that without assaulting people who have come to the game to encourage their kids just as you might.  And without assaulting officials.

A little common sense should have prevailed here:  In life you can’t go around just punching out, or worse, shooting, or poisoning, or otherwise injuring, your neighbor, your boss, the cop, the judge.  Please don’t be idiots.  And especially don’t be ass holes.  A school official is like a boss, you should treat them with the same kind of respect.  Fighting is never an appropriate response to a GAME.  Especially a game you aren’t part of.

Today I was busy doing my job trying to help people.  My job is a little like idiot control.  I sort of direct traffic.  I tell people what I am allowed to tell them out of what they need to know, based on contracts and established protocols.  I help some who need to talk to a specific department.  It’s not “difficult,” but there are procedures that have to be followed to insure I’m handling situations correctly. So it was, that I spoke to a customer who was so impatient and insistent that he pissed me off.  I kept my calm but I could feel my tension rising.

Damn.  He was like a tailgater in traffic.  We’re both trying to reach a destination, and it’s not my fault I’m in front of you.  Piss me off and I want to drive slower.  Sorry, it’s my nature.  I try to give a fuck, but if you make me mad enough, I won’t give one.  I’ll go the speed limit if you push me at 5 or more over it, and if you don’t get the clue, I’ll go 5 or 10 under it.

Stop pushing me to break protocol and do what you want.  I can’t.  If I do what you want, I get fired.  Please don’t try to yell your way into my heart either, you won’t get what you want.


I watched the news today and I was past upset, and on to offended.  President Obama has repeatedly snubbed Israel’s sovereignty, their right to defend their borders, their leaders.  It’s been going on for at least 8 years.  And while doing this he has bowed to every Muslim leader out there.  He isn’t helping fight the so-called “Islamic State,” who are practicing their religion like they used to under the caliphs- expansion and conversion by the sword.  He isn’t even calling it what it is.  People have forgotten because they never read their history books.  Idiots.  This kind of expansion is what started the crusades.  If you click the bold letters, you’ll get to a map that is colored in various shades of orange.  It’s the wrong color.  It should have been red, for the blood of the people they slaughtered in the name of expansion.  Yes, people on both sides did some idiotic things, but chopping off someone’s head because they disagree with you, or shooting them, is barbaric.  You’re worse than any other evil persons in the world and you should stop or be stopped.   The comparisons to Hitler’s regime are entirely apt.

In school they once asked whether nonviolent protest is the answer to this kind of movement.  I say no, because if I protest nonviolently all they’ll do is kill me and move on.  If I stand there passively resisting, I’ll lose my fucking head, or get a bullet in it, and I don’t want either of these.  Let force equal or surpass force and stop the bullies in their tracks.  Please make all efforts, Mr President, to ally yourself with America’s Allies first before making peaceful or ambivalent gestures to other world powers, and end the IS threat before they get to American soil.  After the threat is neutralized you may call them anything you want.

The news media basically said Netanyahu was to blame for any tension between Israel and the United States.  Really?  He’s coming with an olive branch asking us, his allies, to not arm his enemies or facilitate their nuclear capabilities.  He’s been waiting for Obama to make a friendly visit, or invite him to visit us, and that just hasn’t happened.  And yet, somehow, I’m supposed to believe it’s Netanyahu’s fault.  I’m not stupid.

I’m dizzy and getting sick, like I’m on an amusement park ride.  I’m not an idiot, I know what’s happening.  So I beg the media, please, stop the spinning, it’s out of control.


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