Nombre De La Pluma, because Nom De Plume was taken

Hi, everyone.  I’m Deon, and this is my blog.

I’ve heard that a good writer has the strength of character to write what he writes and not worry about the audience’s reception.  That was one teacher.  The idea was, the name of the game there is anonymity.  To write it like no one cares what you say.  If you’re a “success,” maybe they care.  If you’re not, well, fuck ’em and write it anyway.

Another teacher said that to write successfully required a knowledge of one’s audience and the talent to write something that appealed to them.  That seems like a great idea if you want to win friends, influence people and most importantly, make money.  But when you write to become a commercial success, you are swayed by the audience.  You lose the element of spontaneity, freedom, and I think, a little of your honesty.

Journalists who write for popularity might puff themselves or their pieces to become more popular.  First I read about the Washington Post writer who just made it up.  Then I read about a respected news anchor who wasn’t making it up, but whose personal-life details didn’t add up.  Do they think no one is fact checking and comparing?  I had a novelist friend who did some similar things in his bio.  Every so often we hear about someone who got a job claiming a certain reference or educational credential, who got fired when they found out it was a fabrication.  I don’t want you checking my references so I’m not offering any here.  But if I link to it, someone else wrote it, so check them out, instead of me.

If only I could write whatever I wanted, be insanely popular and rich, and still find a way to make it profitable without lying or otherwise becoming a sell-out.  I don’t want to brag about my letters or puff myself unnecessarily.  If you like me that’s awesome.  You can post a comment and tell 100 friends about this blog.  If you hate me, don’t follow me and just play like a sport fisherman:  Catch, weigh, and release.  No scaling or filleting required.

Well, here it is:  I’m not a journalist, but I might write about the news.  I’m not a novelist, but the idea sounds like it could be profitable depending on the audience.  I’m some kind of writer, trying to figure out what kind.  I write whatever I want, mostly fiction, some non-fiction, some opinion, some nonsense, and good luck looking me up.  I’ll hide behind the nombre de la pluma, because nom de plume was already taken, and write whatever I want.  Like it or not, I guess I care, but I’m still going to write it like I don’t.  I think I’ll write fantasy, too.  Why not?  I can fluff and puff and brag and say whatever I want, and like a magical dragon, what I write will be insanely successful and profitable, and I’ll be an overnight millionaire philanthropist.  Except they’ll have to invent a new word for it:  Deonthropist, because my name’s not Phil and he never gave me anything.

What kind of writer do you want to be?

~Deon Mumple


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